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Human Resources


As an employee of Griffin Contracting it is your responsibility to keep current on our evolving policies and procedures. The Employee Handbook is updated online and available for you to download. 

Employee Handbook


If you feel that your paycheck is missing hours please click on the link Paycheck Error Form below and enter your supervisor and ALL  hours within the pay period of reference. The form is first submitted to your supervisor for approval before HR ever receives it. Once HR recieves any approved hours they will be paid by the following pay period. You can only submit missing hours for up to TWO (2) previous pay periods. It is not Griffin Contracting’s responsibility to go back any further. 

Paycheck Error Form


If you wish to change your tax status please print out and complete the applicable forms below and submit to the main office. 


2019 w-4 form


If you would like to receive your check via direct deposit please print and fill out the form and bring to the main office with a copy of a voided check.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form


All expenses need to be approved by management in advance. Reimbursements are paid on the following week’s paycheck  after receipt of the expense reimbursement form and corresponding receipts are turned into the main office.

Employee Exp Form