3 Risk Factors That Can Damage Concrete Foundations

The main thing a commercial building or home needs to remain structurally sound is a good foundation. Construction professionals painstakingly install concrete foundations to ensure they are solid and damage-free. However, external sources can lead to the foundation under a home or business getting severely damaged. 

Millions of dollars are spent on foundation repairs in the United States annually. If you’re the owner of a home or commercial building, your main goal should be to avoid serious foundation repairs. The only way to accomplish this goal is by learning about the problems that commonly damage concrete foundations. 

The following are some risk factors that can damage concrete foundations. 

1. Drainage Issues Can Damage a Concrete Foundation

Perhaps the most common cause of foundation damage is inadequate drainage. When rain starts to collect around the exterior portion of a home or business, it can cause serious foundation issues. The sad reality is that most buildings don’t have adequate drainage systems attached to them. If a home is without downspouts and gutters, it is only a matter of time before soil oversaturation becomes a problem. 

Ongoing problems will cause soil oversaturation that can lead to the foundation becoming extremely unstable. This instability will usually lead to cracks forming in the foundation. This is why investing in gutter systems and proper landscaping is so important. 

2. Plumbing Leaks Are Common

The plumbing system in a home or commercial building is extremely complex. These systems feature many components that carry water in and out of the structure. If the main line pipes of a home or business have ruptured, they will allow a lot of water to leak into the soil underneath the foundation. Soil that remains saturated with water will allow the foundation to shift. 

This shifting can severely damage a concrete foundation. The main issue that home and business owners face regarding these plumbing leaks is that they are hard to find. There are many instances when main line plumbing leaks go unnoticed for months. 

If there is a main line leak, you will notice things like unpleasant odors, high water bills and unusual sounds. When these issues are discovered, you need to get them repaired immediately to avoid damage to your foundation. ‘

3. Intrusive Tree Roots

Having large and well-manicured trees around a home or business can add a lot of curb appeal. However, if the roots of these trees start to grow underneath the foundation, they can do a lot of damage. This root overgrowth can result in foundation cracks. 

Having the trees on your property inspected routinely can help you stay a step ahead of these problems. Experienced landscapers can detect problematic roots and give you some information on how to address them. The money paid for this professional help is worth it due to the foundation problems it can help you avoid. 

By steering clear of the risk factors covered above, you can keep your concrete foundation damage-free.