Asphalt Millings: A Smart Choice for Commercial Parking Lot Renovation

When considering the renovation of a commercial parking lot, one material stands out due to its effectiveness and cost-efficiency – asphalt millings. Asphalt millings are small, fine particles of asphalt produced during the process of milling. This byproduct of road construction provides numerous benefits when used in parking lot renovation projects.

From durability and sustainability to cost-effectiveness, asphalt millings in Savannah offer a smart choice for commercial parking lot renovations. With the help of Griffin Contracting, you can complete your parking lot renovation project in no time.

Below are some reasons why using asphalt millions for a commercial parking lot renovation project is a no-brainer.

Improved Drainage with Asphalt Millings

A significant benefit is improved drainage when asphalt millings are used to renovate commercial parking lots. The structure of asphalt millings includes many tiny gaps. These gaps act like miniature tunnels, allowing water to pass through.

Rather than collecting on the surface, rainwater can quickly soak into the asphalt millings, traveling into the ground beneath the parking lot. This significantly decreases the amount of water that remains on the surface after a rainstorm, reducing the risk of flooding within the parking lot.

This improved drainage can also benefit the surrounding environment by reducing runoff and helping to replenish groundwater. The porous nature of asphalt millings allows for better water permeation compared to traditional paving materials, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to heavy rainfall or flooding.

A Low Maintenance Option

Another great feature of asphalt millings is that they require very little upkeep. Unlike other materials, asphalt millings in Savannah do not crack easily. This makes them highly resistant to the formation of potholes, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance costs over time.

This low-maintenance aspect is especially beneficial for commercial parking lots, which often see heavy traffic and wear and tear. Business owners can save on repair and maintenance costs by using asphalt millings in the long run.

Quick Installation: A Big Plus for Businesses

One of the top benefits of using asphalt millings for parking lot renovations is the speed of installation. Simply put, laying asphalt millings is quicker than using other materials. With less preparation required, the process of setting up and completing the project is sped up. For businesses, this is great news!

Renovating a commercial parking lot can be a hassle, as it often means temporarily closing off the area and disrupting business operations. However, with asphalt millings, the time needed for renovations is significantly reduced, which minimizes disruptions to customers and employees.

This also translates into cost savings for businesses, as less time spent on renovation means less lost revenue and productivity. Griffin Contracting will work hard to complete your parking lot renovation project quickly.

Invest in Asphalt Millings in Savannah!

With all these substantial benefits, investing in asphalt millings in Savannah for your commercial parking lot renovation is wise. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of using this material for your parking lot renovation project!