From Columbia To Savannah To Jacksonville And Back Again

Drive any of those coastal stretches from Columbia down to Charleston and then Savannah, or from Savannah to Brunswick, and then to Jacksonville, Florida, and during your drive, you just might see some of our work.

You’re not going to notice it that way, because it doesn’t have our name written on it. But Griffin is a trusted partner for utility authorities, municipal governments and more, and many of them call us again and again to help with difficult heavy projects. They do this because of our excellent track record in all three states, and our commitment to excellence and top-class customer service as we work for the people who plan our communities. 

Getting the Work Done

Throughout South Carolina, Georgia and northern Florida, we are often involved in critical paving, milling and utility jobs and projects requiring earth moving or heavy materials handling. That includes jobs that need to be planned according to local ordinance, town or township master planning, or other directives, for both safety and sustainable development. 

We pride ourselves on being capable and professional in a field where it takes considerable resources to compete. Not everyone can do this kind of work, and even some of the companies with the equipment and gear don’t have a very good professional approach.

We focus keenly on getting work done on time and within budget to help our customers to succeed. And our customers are engaged in that very critical work of supporting public infrastructure for everyone!

So again, if you see a trench dug for a sewer line, or some road work being done to deal with installing utilities in a right-of-way, or you see some earth moving in a public park, we just might be involved. And if you are involved in public planning, you can feel free to call us and get acquainted. We’ll show you some past projects and how we have worked with important stakeholders to get heavy jobs done in a safe and appropriate way. We can provide the reassurance that some partners need for any concerns about  scope and timeline, or anything else. 

When it’s time to roll up your sleeves, you’ll want Griffin in your corner! Also be sure to ask us about Griffin Labor, a division of our operations that can assist public works crews or other labor teams to achieve. We are here to make your process easier!