Solutions with Griffin Labor

Solutions with Griffin Labor

Did you know that at Griffin, we offer on-demand labor services for your heavy industrial projects? It’s a little-known aspect of our operations, but just like we provide excellence in heavy equipment and logistics help, we also help clients to staff projects when an extra set of hands counts.


As we’ve worked with municipal stakeholders and others to accomplish heavy work projects, we found out how labor becomes an essential piece of the puzzle, and that led us to develop our Griffin Labor department where organizations and companies can outsource the resources that they need to succeed.


Timelines and Logistics


With projects involving asphalt and milled materials, or various types of paving work, for example, time is of the essence. There’s also a calculated physical burden and capacity in terms of moving materials from one place to another. If all of this isn’t well coordinated, the project suffers. When time isn’t on your side, the project can be stressful. There are all sorts of unknowns that crop up, and some confusion can result.


So with that in mind, having the skilled labor that’s needed on hand is a key part of the equation. To be confident, stakeholders have to know that there are people on the ground ready to make these projects happen. That’s particularly important when planners have suggested a specific timeline for the renovation of some space or roadway, whether that’s because of coordinating projects with others like utility companies, seasonal changes or anything else. Coordinated projects is a good example: in complex staging, everyone might be able to save money and resources, but if labor is the bottleneck, it might be hard to keep to the agreed schedule.


On-Demand Labor


Public works departments and corporate construction and heavy industrial offices are staffed very deliberately. Leadership typically doesn’t keep extra people sitting around so that they have capacity for new large project.


But instead of suffering from short staffing situations, our customers can get a practical solution in hand without a big up-front investment. Our on-demand labor has the skills and experience to support projects the right way to keep everything running smoothly all of the way through the end of a contract.


For more, take a look at the web site. Call us and ask about how Griffin Labor can be deployed to wherever you are trying to handle a big project and get it done on time. We’ll help consult on how this works, considering your bid process, your in-house equipment, and everything else that applies to your particular puzzle. It’s another way that we support our partners in an uncertain world.