What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Building Site

There is a lot of work that goes into deciding where to build your new business or move your existing one. You’ll want to consider factors such as traffic, ease of access to your customer, and employee commute. However, you may not be considering some other factors that will have a huge impact on the success of your building.

Take note of the environment and topography

You will want to have a commercial site survey done to determine estimates and assessments about the location, which will help determine if the site is right for your business. Consider the topographical attributes of the site. For example, take a look at whether the land is flat or if it slopes down anywhere. That aspect can have a significant impact on construction. Take a look at the soil too. It’s essential to know how much weight the soil will be able to support. You will also want to determine if the location site is large enough for your commercial building project.

Consider your cost and timeline

What is your budget for this commercial project? There are a lot of factors to keep in mind, and several possible hidden costs you may not have determined at this point. That is why getting estimates will help you figure out whether your building site is the right choice. Also, your timeline is another aspect to consider. The local building code can be strict in some areas, making it take longer for your project to get completed. Also, there may be long permit wait times, which can extend the timeline of your construction project. 

Keep nearby facilities in mind

When scoping out a building site, take a close look at the surrounding area. You will want to make sure any neighboring businesses line up with your company’s image. If your building site is going to be a new hotel, you wouldn’t want to start your construction project where there isn’t anywhere for guests to visit surrounding the hotel. Also, keep your employees in mind. You will want to look for amenities such as available public transportation, nearby childcare, commute times, and even places for them to get lunch. 

There are many aspects to look out for when choosing a commercial construction site. With these tips, you will have the best chance of selecting the site that’s right for your business and your budget. Contact Griffin Contracting for your commercial site work.