What To Know About Pile Driving

To a lot of people, especially those in younger generations or with less experience in building, it just sounds like some old-school activity that’s fairly ambiguous. But in the heavy construction and excavation industries, pile driving is a useful part of foundational work.


We accomplish these kinds of tough jobs, in partnership with stakeholders like big companies and municipal offices. But why do people need to take on pile driving projects?


What is Pile Driving?


Pile driving is essentially an age-old process that involves pounding heavy materials into soil, in order to create structural foundations.


This technique is as old as the Roman society where ancient bridges were built using pile driving techniques. Some common foundational materials included wood and stone, where now, more modern types of materials are often used, like pre-formed concrete or metal/alloy installations with other materials added. 


Examples of Pile Driving Projects


Pile driving is useful for various kinds of construction projects.


For instance, modern companies might use pile driving to set up foundation components for a bridge.


In other cases, the pile driving is being done to create foundations for solar mounting projects. As solar energy offers more and more of a viable energy alternative for residential and commercial properties, experts are finding that pile driving is a way to set up the infrastructure to mount solar panels locally. That’s important for the safety and long term use of these excellent energy provisions. 


Pile driving can also be useful for some kind of high-density building projects, according to the specifications of new subdivisions and housing projects. 


Techniques for Pile Driving


Techniques for pile driving include the basic process of hammering structural elements into excavated soil, as well as the use of Kelly rods and tubes. We can consult on the best pile driving techniques for a particular project, from a position of experience and knowledge of how the industry has evolved these types of building and maintenance processes. 


Considerations with Pile Driving


In pile driving, you have to consider how to shore up various amounts of poundage according to project requirements.


Metrics like load ratings may be important in planning these projects and implementing them well. Safe foundations are built on specific calculations and precise excavating and other work.


For example, many pile driving projects require driving the piles into contact with a hard soil layer. That means professionals have to pay attention to the termination level and how that depth is achieved.


That’s a little bit about this type of service, which is one of our types of foundation work that we do frequently with businesses and other parties.


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