Why use GSB-88 Sealant for Airport Pavement Maintenance

Commercial clients turn to us at Griffin Contracting time and time again because they know that we not only provide the highest level of customer service but that we also do not cut corners when it comes to the quality of work. Our contractors have the experience and expertise required to meet your unique needs as well as your high standards, and we only use the best available products to ensure the highest quality work. For example, when it comes to airport pavement maintenance, we use GSB-88 Sealant.
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GSB-88 Sealant for Airport Pavement Maintenance

Aiport pavement maintenance is not something that can be taken lightly. Any flaws that develop in the airport’s pavement have to be dealt with right away to avoid any safety issues. Proper maintenance will help to prevent such issues, which is why regularly maintaining your airport’s pavement is so incredibly important.

We use GSB-88 sealant (Gilsonite Sealer-Binder emulsion), which is a restorative sealer that’s perfect for pavements that are in fair to good condition. It’s been one of the best sealants on the market for over two decades and has been used on everything from city streets and parking lots to state highways and airport runways. In fact, it’s been used on more than 500 airport runways throughout the country, including both military and public runways.

GSB-88 sealant also happens to be environmentally-friendly. This is because Gilsonite is actually an asphalt ore that occurs naturally in the state of Utah. It’s unique in that it lasts much longer and needs much less refining than traditional petroleum oils, which is why it’s a more environmentally-friendly option.

It’s also worth noting that GSB-88 sealant undergoes thorough environmental testing by an independent third party. The sealant earned an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) in 2011 by the IERE (Institute for Environmental Research and Education) and has also been given a LEED Certification.

One application of GSB-88 sealant on asphalt every five years, whether it’s a parking lot or a runway, can help extend the life of the asphalt significantly, while also reducing eutrophication and acidification by 50 percent compared to the impact it would have if you had to reconstruct the pavement.

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