4 Ways Griffin Contracting Can Improve Your Property’s Asphalt

4 Ways Griffin Contracting Can Improve Your Property’s Asphalt

Many of the elements that influence the usefulness and functionality of a property are easy to overlook. From landscaping choices to where people park, the decisions property owners make will influence if people choose to visit your location and how they feel about what they see. Believe it or not, the asphalt on a property can significantly affect the functionality and beauty of a property. If you want to improve your property’s exterior, Griffin Contracting can help. Here are four ways Griffin Contracting can improve the asphalt on your property.

Asphalt Paving

If you need to add asphalt to a portion of your property, Griffin Contracting can help. Some properties end up with areas that are heavily used by vehicles in a way that wasn’t initially intended in the property’s design. For example, if a lot of people are driving through a grass area to reach a part of the building, there will be a worn tire path that distracts from the property’s beauty. Having that area paved with asphalt by Griffin Contracting will make it easier for people to reach that area without damaging excessive wear on their tires. Similarly, if people have turned a space into an impromptu parking area, you should consider having the area paved with asphalt to make it an official parking area.

Asphalt Painting

In many situations, it’s a good idea to paint asphalt surfaces to share information with people driving or walking on the path. A typical example of this are the lines you see on roads. They ensure that everyone knows where their lane is and where they need to stop. You can use asphalt painting from Griffin Contracting in a similar way. You can paint areas to show where you want people to walk or set up danger zones where unauthorized people aren’t allowed. The contrast between the dark asphalt and the paint makes it hard for people to miss the message.

Asphalt Patching

Asphalt can last a long time, but it will begin to wear over time without proper upkeep. People experience this problem every time they run over a pothole in the street. If these issues aren’t addressed, driving on the asphalt surface can become more dangerous. What should have been a smooth ride down a paved road becomes a hole-filled obstacle course where huge bumps can knock over cargo being carried or even damage the car due to wear on the suspension system. Not to mention that such holes make the property look worse. Griffin Contracting can address this problem by patching asphalt, so it’s good as new.

Asphalt Seal Coating

Griffin Contracting can also perform maintenance duties that can keep asphalt surfaces looking their best for more extended periods. By applying asphalt seal coatings, Griffin Contracting prevents the formation of potholes or the degradation of the paint job on asphalt surfaces. We use GSB 88 and coal tar for sealing purposes, so we can let you know which sealing material is best for your asphalt and the way you intend to use it. Using an asphalt seal coating ensures that the exterior of your building looks beautiful and pristine for a more extended period.

If you need any asphalt work done for your home or business, Griffin Contracting can help. Whether it’s paving, painting, milling, or lining, our team of experts no what do to improve the asphalt surfaces on your property. Send us a message online to learn more about our services and to request an estimate.