Big Jobs, And Bigger Equipment

Kids love big construction equipment – that’s one thing that we’ve found over the years. If we can make your little one smile, that makes our day. But at the same time, we’re hard at work doing the heavy projects for our municipal partners and other stakeholders.

Here’s some of what we’re doing in your community on a regular basis. Our experience allows us to be a thought leader in this type of work, and consult with our customers to find the best efficiencies and approaches for the right results. 

Pouring Concrete

In this stage of the game, it’s all about getting the raw materials to the site and mixing them well, along with having a good framing and pouring plan that will guarantee the integrity of results. There is also the need to watch out for certain conditions that can compromise curing, and professional expertise is a must. 

Buying the equipment and training staff is an investment in a business that will continue to grow and develop over time. Rely on us for the results that you need. 


Then there’s the process of putting down asphalt, which is often a significant investment for customers. New development requires a lot of heavy work, and this is another area where we’re active in many local communities.


Another service that takes quite a bit of big equipment is demolition. In this case, we’re not bringing new materials onto a site – we’re disassembling old structures and taking old materials away. Nevertheless, some of the same project logistics do apply. There’s also a good bit of proprietary safety work involved in demolition, which we can explain as we go on site and bid the job. 

Utility Digging

We’re also active in digging sewer and water lines for new communities and developments.

When people say this is heavy work, they’re not kidding. Industry standards require some pretty particular kinds of work in developing these underground utilities for future use.

Excavating Roadbeds

This is another type of special project that we tackle for municipal and private sector customers. Succeeding in these kinds of projects means taking into account various things like weather, timelines, and materials costs to make everything come together well in the end. Talk to Griffin about work in the Carolinas, in Georgia and Northern Florida, where we are active partners in maintaining modern conditions for roads,  utilities and much more.