Why You Should Avoid DIY Concrete Pouring

Before you can construct a new commercial building, you will need a strong foundation. When building a foundation, you will need to use durable materials to ensure it lasts the test of time. Concrete is one of the most used materials during the foundation construction process. 

Over 101,000 metric tons of concrete are used in the United States every year. Mixing and pouring concrete is not nearly as easy as most people think. One of the worst mistakes a home or business owner can make is attempting to pour concrete without the help of professionals. 

Below are some reasons why DIY concrete pouring is always a horrible idea. 

Mixing Concrete is Very Difficult

If you want concrete to last, then you need to make sure it is properly mixed. One of the main things you need when mixing concrete is the right amount of water. Using improper amounts of water in the concrete mixing process is one of the main mistakes amateurs make. This usually results in the concrete mix becoming either extremely chunky or runny. Ideally, you want your mix to be malleable and smooth. 

Getting the concrete mixture process wrong will only lead to ongoing durability and appearance issues in the future. Most people try to take on their own concrete pouring because they have a desire to save money. In reality, you will waste more money in the long run by taking a DIY approach to concrete mixing and pouring. 

This is why working with a reputable company like Griffin Contracting Inc. is so important. With this professional help, you can rest assured that your concrete is properly mixed before it is poured. 

Failure to Create a Solid Base

When trying to get a strong and long-lasting concrete surface, you will need to establish a solid base. The construction of a solid base will start with the compacting of the soil. If the soil under the concrete isn’t properly packed, it is only a matter of time before it starts to shift. This shifting process will result in the concrete getting cracked. 

Not only does the soil need to be packed, it also needs to be leveled. The average home or business owner doesn’t have the knowledge needed to do this type of work. Instead of dealing with cracking and crumbling concrete, you need to leave the site preparation work to the professionals. 

DIYers Don’t Have The Right Tools

One of the main things you need to have a successful concrete pouring experience is the right tools. Most DIYers don’t have the tools needed to pull this job. Trying to use sub-par tools to perform this job can lead to long-term damage. Professionals have access to things like concrete mixing, concrete groovers and a variety of other tools needed to properly pour concrete. This is why paying them to perform this type of work is a great idea. 

As you can see, DIY concrete pouring is something you need to avoid at all costs.