From Paper To Pavement

From Paper To Pavement

What’s involved in the heavy projects that we take on in Georgia and Florida and around the local area?


Well, in some ways, these are not like other kinds of contractor projects. It’s not as simple as building a small concrete form, or putting some brickwork in place. Most of the projects that we do are heavy projects on an industrial scale, and they have their own logistics and requirements.


Engineering Plans


Before any work gets done, many of these projects are painstakingly detailed on paper. If we’re working with a state or local government, or a utilities firm or some other institutional client, it’s likely that they’ve already spent thousands of dollars on engineering work, with blueprints that show every aspect of the project from a technical standpoint.


Then it’s our job to help make these plans a reality. Plans are only as good as their application to the real world. Hiring a firm that doesn’t know how to adhere to an engineering plan is a recipe for disaster.


Dealing with Stakeholders


As mentioned, we do quite a bit of work with state and local government offices. We also work with developers and transportation agencies, just to name a few. That means there will likely be different partnerships involved. One of these clients may have secured a grant for some of the work, or all of the work. A government office may be relying on a private business as a facilitator. On the other hand, the government office may be working in collaboration with a private office like a utility provider.


All of this has to be hashed out in a way that makes sense to keep these projects on track and being implemented in the ways that everyone intended.


Other Logistics


Then there are those other boilerplate logistics in putting a heavy job like this together. These involve scheduling around any public access issues or other contingencies, and getting the materials to the site on time. They involve looking at temperature and humidity as components of a project’s overall result.


That’s why so many of our customers come to Griffin Contracting for their project needs. They recognize our authority in heavy project implementation and the resources that we have to work with other stakeholders to put plans into action. It’s one thing to draw up a plan, even an engineering concept plan or something more detailed. It’s something else to make it real in the real world. Work with us to “make it so.”