What We've Learned Since 2001

What We’ve Learned Since 2001

Man, it’s been 20 years – 20 great years of helping various stakeholders to complete projects in the world of heavy industrial work!


Along the way, we’ve learned quite a bit about how this business works and compiled a lot of the right resources to help local governments, businesses or other clients to set up their projects in the right ways.


Here’s some of what we’ve thought about as we look back on 20 years of excellent service in heavy construction, in our coverage areas in Georgia and Florida.


Desire for Turnkey Solutions


When someone comes with a set of engineered drawings or some other type of plan, they’re looking for a way to get comprehensive help with the entire scope of the project. They’re not looking to farm out piece after piece to different types of offices and try to cobble together some kind of working collaboration that way. Sometimes a little bit of the specialization has to be done, but in general, having a company offering turnkey solutions for heavy industrial is important. It’s something we’ve invested in as we’ve grown and increased our capacity to partner with clients to get the job done right.


Excavating Logistics and More


Another thing we’ve learned through experience is that utility location and compliance with local utility standards is only part of those important logistics around excavation. Compliance with local government ordinance is another part, but there’s even more to it than that.


People who have never been involved in a heavy industrial project might think that you can “just dig a hole somewhere,” but they are profoundly wrong. There are key complex requirements and guidelines in place for these types of heavy projects. Because of the way that we develop land as a society, all of these rules and regulations are critically important when it comes to implementing an excavation correctly. Do you have an E&S plan? What’s that?


By making sure that every project moves forward on a sure foundation (in terms of planning details) we set our clients up for success in what can be a challenging field.


Project Management: The Ins and Outs and What Have Yous


Then also, project management is the consideration of time and scope, and a type of approach that covers the waterfront when it comes to obstacles and problems that projects could encounter. That’s why performance bonds were created – to make sure that as things changed, project implementations wouldn’t change with them.


So as we move forward, we provide that type of contract security that saves clients from various nightmare situations, where what was supposed to happen didn’t happen, happened partially, happened poorly, or happened too late.


Here’s to 20 more years!