Heavy Work in Three States

At Griffin Contracting Inc., we are one of the top firms on our area of the Atlantic coast with the actual capability to accomplish many of the biggest and toughest projects in road and infrastructure construction and more.

We work all over South Carolina, Georgia, and Northern Florida, delivering solutions to stakeholders who need professional expertise and significant resources to do the heavy work in various kinds of advanced infrastructure jobs. Here are some of the things we do for our clients in government and business.

Excavating and Utility Work

One type of job that we often get calls for is excavating for utilities. We are experienced in digging and accessing sewer and gas infrastructure and how to do this safely. When you are dealing with underground utilities, safety is something that you do not want to skimp on. There are specific protocols and safety precautions that have to be done as a matter, of course. There’s also a need for heavy equipment to accomplish earthmoving, demolish existing infrastructure, or install new concrete or asphalt over covered utilities. All of that takes a certain degree of planning and knowledge of best practices that we invest in for both safety and quality of results. 


Demolition jobs also require attention to detail and specific heavy work resources. If you’ve ever seen an ill-equipped small local company trying to bring down a building, it’s probably one of the more awkward jobs you’ve observed. 

Razing a building to the ground is, in some ways, the easy part. When that’s done, all of the resulting materials need to be dealt with – transferred off-site, or graded or otherwise handled. In so many cases, when a firm takes on more than they can handle, they run into trouble with the project’s scope when they need to transport materials. They’re just not up to the challenge!

Dealing with Materials

With that in mind, Griffin Contracting can provide fill, soil, or other materials, transporting them safely to a site. We do asphalt milling, and we also deliver bulk seal coat products to sites as well.

Through all of this, we excel at determining the timeline and scope of projects and then keeping things moving with the clear communications that our partners need. Common obstacles involve sign-off for operations, unanticipated weather, road detours, and staffing changes. Through it all, our government and business customers need a company that’s versatile and able to keep things going according to plan. That’s us. Call for more information on how to get a big job done.