Quarry Materials – A Simple Proposal?

If you are in charge of completing some project that requires quarry stone, asphalt or milled gravel or some other kind of quarry material, you’re in charge of a project that has some complexity. It’s not just as easy as ordering stone and getting it installed somewhere. There are some major things to think about in these kinds of heavy work projects.

At Griffin Contracting, we excel in helping stakeholders throughout Georgia, Northern Florida, and some parts of the Carolinas to get these types of projects done safely, on time, and with attention to any standards or guidelines that apply. This kind of professional acumen and attention to detail is important in this line of work. You need it to get things done. 

Keeping an Eye on the Weather – and Other Conditions

One controlling factor in these types of work is the weather. You can’t do significant earth-moving (or really, any kind of earth-moving) during some kinds of weather conditions, because you’ll get excessive erosion or other problems. For some kinds of installations, the temperature has to be right to grade or otherwise re-contour. 

Working around weather involves handling the logistics of delivering materials, getting them into place, and directing crews who may have to reroute traffic or control the site in other kinds of ways. This work isn’t happening in a vacuum. There are considerations regarding community use. Suppose there is a local event happening – that’s possibly going to impact the work that needs to be done in a major way. A good firm needs to know how to roll with the punches when this occurs, and how to use long-term planning to jump any hurdles that come up. 

Engineering and Municipal Issues

Because of the aforementioned risks of erosion, your project may need some type of erosion and sedimentation plan. Municipalities will typically have some requirements for larger stone projects. What these requirements look like depends on the project, of course, but good companies need to be ready Ready to be agile. Ready to address change. 

Transporting Materials To and From a Job Site

Then, too, you’re dealing with a large volume of materials, and that means getting resources in play, like dump trucks or other large haulers. All of this takes significant coordination and attention to resources. That’s why these projects are so often addressed with complex bidding that shows a kind of projected timeline and cost. There’s going to be “fill” to haul away, too. 

Let Griffin Contracting evaluate your job and present professional bidding that helps to get the job done.