Meet Paving Challenges with Griffin

Meet Paving Challenges with Griffin

In the world of paving, there are certain unknowns. But good contracts run on efficiency and versatility. Contractors have to be ready for a range of challenges and able to maintain schedules and keep projects moving forward. That’s critical to making sure that the services that they provide for clients are effective and don’t turn into a boondoggle.

Here are some of the things that we help customers to work through at Griffin Contracting, Inc. Our paving services are popular because we keep projects on track through thick and thin, and because we value good communications with customers. You’ll see that from the very beginning when you get in touch with our people – we love what we do, and it shows.

Here are some of the challenges that we can help you to work through when project timelines are threatened.


We all know you can’t control the weather. That’s especially important when winter approaches in the midst of a paving contract. Sometimes it’s necessary to move around people or equipment to accommodate weather concerns and keep the project moving. We are adept at doing that and maintaining our promised schedules for customers.


It’s also commonly known to most people in the industry that the price of materials goes up and down quite a bit. Some of this volatility is driven by oil prices, which are vulnerable to political and economic forces. Some municipal customers even utilize escalator clauses and other protections. We help consult on pricing of materials and how to navigate a volatile market.


There’s also the logistics of delivery. Maybe one plant is closed, but another is open further away. That raises the question of how delivery costs fit into the final result. Again, figuring this out requires close attention to detail, communications and overall good project management to keep everything going well.


Another dynamic aspect of paving is labor. These jobs don’t just get done by themselves, and sometimes it’s not easy work. That means companies have to plan for unanticipated labor issues, whether that’s high turnover or anything else.

At Griffin Contracting, Inc., we are experts at paving and associated project issues: we handle certified jobs and keep projects on time, and on budget.

We provide certified contractors and source materials properly, whether it’s topsoil, fill dirt, crushed concrete or seal-coating products.

We perform quality site work, utility work and concrete work, and handle material recycling and more in accordance with state law.

For more, take a look at our website and our blog. In blog posts, we go over some of the other practical aspects of this type of contracting that can be helpful to your planners. Give us a call.