The Importance of a Solid Foundation in Construction

The Importance of a Solid Foundation in Construction

When it comes to building a new house, the future homeowner has many things that they need to consider first. How many stories will it be? What type of material will they use for the roofing? Should they spring for carpeted floors, or is hardwood better? While these are all certainly valid considerations, construction on a new home can’t even begin until a solid foundation has been created. In fact, despite being largely overlooked by many designers and future homeowners, the foundation is arguably one of the most essential parts of a house.

It Supports the Entire House

It goes without saying, but houses are extremely heavy. The final weight of a building is actually quite variable when you consider both the “dead” (the weight of the house itself) and the “live” (the weight of the house, plus furniture and inhabitants) loads put upon it. When building a home, the foundation must be able to withstand both the dead loads and the live loads without buckling or cracking. Any issues with the foundation can harm the house, making it unsafe to live inside it. A strong and sturdy foundation, therefore, is key to a long-lasting, dependable home.

It Protects the House from Acts of Nature

Many people don’t consider the effect of weather and other natural disasters upon their home when they decide to start building it. This could be a dangerous mistake. A well-built foundation, however, is designed with all of these considerations in mind. While Georgia doesn’t see too many earthquakes, we do occasionally encounter them. We also get our share of hurricanes here, too. By creating a foundation that can withstand these events, you can help protect your home the next time we have one occur in our community.

It Safeguards the House from Settling

Over time, a house can slowly start to sink into the soil upon which it was built. This is called “settling,” and it can seriously damage your house. While a certain degree of settling can typically be anticipated, failure to recognize the risk of settling on your home can cause lasting harm to the structure. The right foundation is built with this knowledge in mind and will help offset the effects of settling on your home.

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