Milling And Paving Jobs: What’s Involved?

We’ve already talked about a lot of these factors in a heavy job on the blog, but last week, we were presenting some information to a new client, and thought we’d go back over some of the key points of working with community leaders, top local businesses and other stakeholders to get these types of infrastructure projects done.

Bidding Process

Bidding is where these jobs are different than a lot of other kinds of work.

In short, there are rules to the bidding process. Many times, an entity that asks for bids will accept the lowest bid, but not always. There may be rules for when they can or can’t accept the lowest bid, too.

There is also a structure and a format for bids – that’s something that specialized companies have to understand and work with as they go.

Then there are the logistics involved in these types of jobs…

There’s the process of string-sensing and surveying, which can’t be minimized or glossed over. That work has to go on in a timely way to get everything else going! Some of the technical details involve things like the use of GPS equipment, which comes with its own learning curve and strategic uses. 

All of these are vitally important, and as a top company helping communities to improve their infrastructure, we need to know how they work.

Construction Fill

Because of re-grading and excavation and other aspects, a lot of these projects require some amount of fill.

We wrote about this a few weeks ago, but the issue of getting fill can be critically important for one of these projects.

For one thing, there’s a difference between certified clean fill, and regular fill that’s not up to the same standard. Also, communities do this in different ways. Some get fill from a local private party, which may even advertise its offer along the side of the road somewhere.

Other projects require clean fill from a specific certified source.

Then there’s all of the rules around environmental hazards and site excavation, which can be looked at from a federal or state level.

So all of this is another thing that you have to navigate when you’re doing these heavy jobs.

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