Providing Fill Materials

Let’s talk about our role in the heavy project industry providing different types of fill materials for construction sites or municipal work, or anything else that requires earthmoving and excavation.

Fill material is a valuable part of this equation, partly because of the necessity of having the right base and having retention materials in place when a project is finished.

Pre-cast Concrete Projects

Take the common project that involves installing pre-cast concrete underground.

Communities all over the country are using pre-cast concrete installations for things like pipes and inlets and water handling infrastructure. But then these installations will need their own base and retention materials, and getting fill is important. In fact, getting the right kind of fill is often important. The project will have its own “road map” in terms of materials and processes that need to be scheduled and managed in cooperative ways. 


So when you have a company providing clean or standard fill, you need to know that they are able to move an adequate volume of product to a destination on time. You need to know that they have adequate management to promise project compliance, perhaps without an explicit bond structure. Even where bonds are in place, you still need to know that a company is reliable.

We have all that, and Griffin has been very active in these types of projects for years. We have the materials and the means to deliver them, as well as the know-how to be an active partner in these types of projects.

Buyers and others talk about the value of aggregate products to get jobs done. These are not infinite resources – although they are plentiful in certain areas where they are quarried. The whole process still takes significant work, and also importantly significant business intelligence to keep operations working well. That includes, for example, fleet maintenance and employee scheduling. They sound like simple details, but making them efficient and effective can be a big job.

Turn to Griffin in the Carolina, Florida, and Georgia area. We work hard to make sure that the projects that we are a part of are successful, satisfactory to all parties, and done in a logistically appropriate way. This is crucial for these types of heavy projects that really give local people the quality of life and stable, reliable systems that they deserve. Look for more details on the site for how to use Griffin Contracting to complete a heavy project in your area.