Griffin and MBE/WBE Businesses

Our industry has some particular processes and challenges that are unlike what you might find with companies that tackle smaller residential and commercial jobs.

In so many ways, the process is different. We’ve talked about this in the past in some of our previous blog posts, and we also want to talk about some of the community aspects of how we put our projects together, and how we work with others in our local areas of operation, in  Carolina, Georgia, and Northern Florida.

Certified MBE/WBE Businesses

If you look at our ongoing networking pages for jobs, you’ll see that we are seeking MBE/WBE certified contractors.

What does this mean?

These firms, designated as Minority-Owned Business Entities and Women-Owned Business Entities, are managed according to specific state requirements and an application process.

Why work with MBE/WBE businesses?

Working with Minority-Owned Business Entities and Women-Owned Business Entities shows that a company has a commitment to helping create a diverse workforce and help more entrepreneurs achieve integration into this field and industry. It’s part of participating in the bidding universe for big projects, whether those are solely public-sector, or private-sector, or a mix. 

That’s why we’re dedicated to promoting this idea in the projects that we take on, and the process behind our heavy project implementation.

The Rest of the Process

After a company has been certified MBE/WBE by applying and achieving this designation, they can participate in the types of projects that we take on. One of the other key parts of this process is bidding.

People who haven’t been involved in this kind of work don’t always understand what bidding entails. It requires providing upfront estimates with contextual information, and allowing a customer or other stakeholder to make a ruling on which bid they will accept.

Those who are evaluating the bids may also have specific rules and requirements in place related to the bid that they choose.

Does someone always choose the lowest bid? Not necessarily. They may or may not have to choose the lowest bid, and there may be other considerations involved.

For a lot more about how we work, our track record in contracting, and our commitment to excellence, take a look at the rest of the website and how we operate in the communities that we serve. We have the resources and know-how to participate in markets that are closed to smaller operations, and so we work to partner with MBE/WBE businesses as part of a joint approach to getting work done.